Why It Matters

Seniors are Spectacular

Aging is inevitable for all of us—pets included! But while we can’t prevent aging, we can make sure that your pet’s frosty-faced years are among some of the best, for both them and you. Senior pets require more frequent vet visits to keep them healthy and happy, and we’re here with everything you need to ensure that your senior pet has exceptional care.

Detailed Care is Much Deserved

Old age is not a disease, but that doesn’t mean that senior pets don’t need (and deserve) a little extra TLC! We recommend that all senior pets get a physical exam every six months. The more often we see your senior pet, the better we can monitor their health, detect any changes, and address any issues in their early stages. Diet and exercise needs change in our senior pets too, and we can help develop a plan to help your pet age with grace and happiness.

Just like us, our pets get those inevitable aches and pains as they age. Pets (cats in particular) are skilled at masking pain, and your senior pet might be experiencing discomfort without showing outward signs. But the good news is, we can help get some spring back in your senior pet’s step! We offer a wide variety of supplements and medications, as well as alternative modalities like laser therapy. We’ll work with you to tailor a pain management plan specific to your pet and your lifestyle.

Our senior pet care services include:

Semi-annual exams

Routine blood work screenings

Nutritional, behavioral, and exercise counseling

Osteoarthritis care and pain management

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Tips for a healthy pet

Make Seven Their Lucky Number

Time flies by fast—and that’s even more true for our beloved pets. We all know that dogs and cats age at a faster rate than we do, and that becomes even more true as they age. By about the age of seven, dogs and cats are considered seniors! This is the age when we typically recommend increased preventative care measures, like exams every six months or more frequent blood work to monitor for early signs of disease. Ask us for more information on how to make seven your pet’s lucky number.

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