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The veterinary field continues to grow and expand every day. We are dedicated to keeping up with those changes and offering our patients and clients the latest and best advancements possible. This includes laser therapy, proven to be beneficial in a variety of applications, from wound care to the treatment of pain and chronic conditions.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Often, the most effective approach to treating an ill or injured pet is actually many approaches. The alternative therapies that we offer are beneficial both by themselves and when used in conjunction with other more ‘traditional’ approaches. We are proud to offer these exciting and innovative ways to help your pet feel their best.

Laser therapy has been used with great success in both the human and the veterinary field, and has a broad range of applications. Wound care, surgical incision healing, arthritis, muscle pain, and much more can all be helped with laser therapy. This virtually side-effect free process is quick and painless—in fact, many patients find the process soothing and fall asleep during their sessions.

Our Alternative Therapies Include:

Laser therapy

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Laser Therapy— Healing From the Inside Out

How does it work? We’re glad you asked! Therapeutic lasers involve the application of light energy to the affected areas of the body to stimulate and enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities. Therapeutic lasers decrease both pain and inflammation and increase blood flow, which stimulates healing activity on a cellular level. If you’re wondering if your pet could benefit from laser therapy, the answer is probably yes—just ask us for more information.

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