Why It Matters

Your Pet's Well-being is Our Priority

At Heartland, we recognize the deep bond you share with your pets. If faced with an urgent situation, we recommend you contact Blue Pearl Pet Hospital or the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center for all emergent care.

Blue Pearl Pet Hospital


Locations available online at www.wvrc.com

Expect The Unexpected: Emergency Resources

ASPCA Poison Control

A Lifeline for Poison-Related Emergencies If you suspect your pet has ingested a potentially harmful substance and it's after our regular hours, consider contacting the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. They offer round-the-clock guidance on poison-related emergencies.

Our emergency services include:

Acute illness or injury

Toxin or foreign body ingestion

Respiratory distress

Collapse or seizures

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Call 262-367-3322

Tips for a healthy pet

Emergency Symptoms to Watch Out For:

  • Acute illness or sudden injury.
  • Consumption of potentially harmful substances, such as xylitol, chocolate, garlic, household cleaners, or automotive fluids.
  • Symptoms of heatstroke like fainting or seizures.
  • Obvious trauma signs like fractures, severe cuts, or lameness.
  • Unexpected bleeding.
  • Respiratory issues like choking or prolonged gagging.
  • Eye injuries.
  • Extended refusal to eat or drink.
  • Extended intervals between deliveries during labor (difficult births).
  • Sudden disorientation, dizziness, or unconsciousness.
  • Issues with urination or defecation.

Concerned About Your Pet's Health?

Reach out immediately: 262-367-3322. We're always here to guide and assist.

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